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The Beginning of Music

Reared among these natural marvels, I was pleased and aroused everyday by every little detail I would find and then observe for hours: in the lawn, underneath the hot rocks, or on the trees, the growing life of a variety of societies, solitary insects, or peculiar vegetations. I could speculate and say that it is probably from this biology class that I learned to love the environment, wonderful nature around me; I would think I felt as one link in the chain, in no way a superior being. But hey, don't get me wrong; I sure placed, many times, a firecracker in an upside-down plastic glass, in which I had imprisoned a poor, yet gigantic, spider!

Most of the time, I went outside. I loved to play with my Lego's under the shade of the pergola, mess around in a sand bed, or just paint and draw the mountains. The air was always so fresh and so perfumed; and the sun so soft and so hot at the same time. Continuously, music surrounded my youth. Often, my father would practice some lovely pieces on the brown Erard. At other times, we would be listening to several strange, round, black slices; Vivaldi, Mozart, Beethoven, Mendelssohn… I didn't care about the rest, a smile on my face.

One day, mom found me playing in the sand, if I recall, humming a famous air of Wolfgang's Don Giovanni: "Pom pom pom pom pom, todotodo! Pom pom pom pom pom, todotodo!" Early after, I was going to musical early-learning games; and by the time I was 6, I entered the modest music school of Saint-Rémy. I also met my new friends in primary school, where I was taught, for the first time, all the wonders of art, and in particular Vincent Van Gogh, by an unforgettable woman: France Révis. Indeed, it is in my little town of Saint-Rémy de Provence that the famous impressionist spent a lot of time, painting some of his most remarkable pieces, towards the too-soon-to-happen end of his life.

Added to the piano lessons taught by José Arrué were musical theory and choir. I was enchanted by the charm of my new teacher: Christine Ladevèze. I truly was surrounded by amazing and generous people, who taught me something incredibly beneficial, the love for music. From that moment on, I never abandoned playing the piano or singing; you know what? I really loved it. However, a saddening event occurred by the end of the year 1986. My father couldn't live with us anymore, and, even though I have no memory of his departure or of my feelings at that time, he flew back to Israel to continue his life. I still have, to this day, no idea on how it influenced me, or how I reacted. When you are just six years old, life has to go on, as you find strength more easily than adults. I would discover later that I felt abandoned by the only figure that resembled me, in the family; the wound would be hard to heal.

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